Construction Site Assessment

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The job was to conduct a site assessment of a potential construction site for a client not able to visit the site. There needed to be enough data in the assessment report for the client to assess the feasibility of using this land plot for construction without visiting in person. The client saved time and obtained enough data for the construction company to assess the cost of building on the proposed site compared to other sites.This job was completed in 1 day, with data uploaded to the client on the same day.  

A conventional assessment producing the same amount of data would have taken 3-4 weeks to complete and at a much higher cost, due to the use of a conventional aircraft, manpower and processing time

Data produced is compatible with your CAD software, including ESRI, AutoCAD and more.


Aerial Image, taken using Professional drone and a High Definition camera taking stills between 12-16 mill pixels and Ultra High Definition video, 4K at 30 frames per second


Annotated image outlining the proposed construction area

DD Annotation image marked site

Annotated image with measured proposed construction site

DD Annotation image 2

Digital Surface Model, indicating the difference in the terrain altitude

DD Digital Surface Model

3D Model, Click play to start – Click and hold to move model around – Zoom in and out using the mouse wheel

AirVision360 by DroneDeploy on Sketchfab

Works with Your Software

Use the data produced by AirVision360 with your CAD software, including ESRI, AutoCAD, and more.

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